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Lodis Lane: A Holistic Approach to Natural Remedies

Lodis Lane was founded by Lodis, who comes from a long line of family members that have relied on natural and holistic healing remedies for generations. With each passing matriarch, these natural recipes were improved and preferred over conventional methods and store-bought products.

Experience the Lodis Lane Difference - Quality Skincare Products that Deliver

At Lodis Lane, our primary focus is to offer effective products that provide the desired results, without any harsh or unnecessary ingredients. We are committed to sourcing only the finest organic ingredients from the United States. To uphold our high standards, we collaborate solely with reputable brands that we have built long-standing relationships with. We take pride in using locally grown, fresh botanicals, some of which are cultivated in our gardens using ethical and sustainable methods. Our ingredients are completely free from sulfates, pesticides, toxins, and parabens, and most importantly, they are 100% cruelty-free.

Quality Health & Wellness Products Made in our Texas Studio

As a family-owned business, we take pride in crafting every product in our Texas studio. Our commitment to producing high-quality items without harsh chemicals is a top priority. We believe in the adage, "Slow and Steady Wins the Race," and apply this approach to our formulations. To maintain the best possible quality and shelf life, we create our blends in small batches according to our curing and infusion schedule.


The majority of our products at Lodis Lane were inspired by a personal problem faced by members of my family. In particular, our line of pain relief products was created to alleviate my mother's knee pain. Following a severe car accident a few years ago, she experienced excruciating pain that I was determined to ease. I created a pain cream that she began using and within a week, she was able to resume her regular activities with significantly less discomfort. With the addition of complementary items like our bath soak, body wash, and oil, our pain relief line has become a go-to for many customers in need. Our focus is on identifying and addressing everyday problems in our own lives, and we hope to continue doing so with every product we develop.


“As the company continues to build a strong positive brand awareness, I am passionate about social responsibility. In an effort to create great family products, I sought out a higher purpose for sharing my offerings with the world. Through philanthropy and volunteering, I am able to help those in need by donating time and resources. For every product purchased, a bottle of body wash & lotion is given to the homeless. Thank you for helping me help others! I'm just a pretty simple girl from a family built on old fashioned values with a love for natural health.” -Lodis 

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